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  • Silkem has been actively developing and producing zeolite products for over 25 years. Establishment and development of the company are ultimately connected to Zeolite. Due to intensive development activities, zeolite production is continually complemented with new products, which enables the expansion of application fields.

  • Sodium water glass in liquid form is silicate material, which is dissolved in alkaline sodium solutions. It has the same characteristics as glass, but at the same time, due to its high alkalinity, it is soluble in water and can be mixed in all ratios. It is manufactured by dissolving silica sand or the solid crystals of the water glass.

  • The production programme of granulates comprises zeolite compounds and premixes, which are used in the production of detergents, and dried silicates DRYSIL®. Granulates are characterised by good flowability and high granule stability, which in turn means a greater stability in various processes.

  • Years of experience in the production of zeolites have enabled Silkem to develop a programme of activated zeolites under the ASORBIO® brand, thus entering the global market of zeolite adsorbents and molecular sieves. The ASORBIO® product range encompasses several types of zeolite activated powder (ZAP) and zeolite activated granulate (ZAG).

  • Calcined alumina SALOX® are aluminium oxides, which are manufactured with the calcination of alumina or aluminium hydroxide. Detailed management of the calcination process and further mechanical treatment ensure that Silkem offers high-quality products with the required characteristics.

  • Tabular alumina ALFA TAB® is alumina obtained with the sintering of calcined alumina. The production of the own raw material basis, detailed control of process parameters and stable thermal processing ensure high-quality products in accordance with customer needs and requirements.

  • Sintered spinels are alumina and magnesia composites in different ratios. The high quality of the products is ensured by using alumina from own production, magnesia from verified sources and with detailed control of the production process.

  • Boehmites SIBOM® are formed by hydrothermal ageing of aluminium hydroxide. SIBOM® is a fully crystalline (99 %) boehmite with low impurity content. The small particle size and the unique structure of oxide hydroxide make it appropriate for use in various industries.

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