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Zeolites are used in the production of detergents by spray-drying (zeolite powder) and dry mixing (zeolite compounds) processes. For this production process Silkem offers compact granulates (premixes) and dried silicates DRYSIL® of different bulk densities.

The ion exchanging properties and neutral effect on people and the environment make zeolites indispensable in the production of detergents. The sodium cations in zeolite replace the calcium and magnesium cations from water, thus softening the water and ensuring optimal activity of other components. Their exceptionally large surface area allows zeolites to absorb larger quantities of components that are added in liquid form to washing powders (surfactants, scents, enzymes, etc.).

As regards dry mixing of washing powders, Silkem offers zeolite compounds, premixes and DRYSIL® dried silicates. These products are characterised by good flowability, low dust particle content and high granule stability.

Zeolite compounds allow greater bulk densities and compactness of the detergent, which is required for a stable product after the dry mixing procedure.

In addition to carriers (zeolites, silicates or sodium sulphates), premixes can also contain wash-active ingredients in alkaline form (fatty acids and DBSK). Added copolymer can enhance the final product’s calcium and magnesium capacity and compactness. In addition to standard premixes, Silkem also offers other compositions of these components (possibility of adding non-ionic surfactants, CMC and other).

Under the DRYSIL® brand, Silkem offers a broad range of dried silicates, which are used as binders, builders and regulators of final bulk density of washing powders. Wash-active substances (e.g. DBSK) can be added to DRYSIL® dried silicates.

Product groupApplicationEffect
ZeolitesWashing powder production with spray dryingWater softening - Absorption of active ingredients
PremixesWashing powder production with dry mixingWater softening - Absorption of active ingredients - Bulk density regulation
Zeolite CompoundsWashing powder production with dry mixingWater softening - Absorption of active ingredients - Bulk density regulation
Dried Silicates DRYSIL®Production of dishwasher tablets - Washing powder production with dry mixingBulk density regulation - Buffering properties - Corrosion inhibitor
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