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Sodium water glass in liquid form is silicate material, which is dissolved in alkaline sodium solutions. It has the same characteristics as glass, but at the same time it is soluble in water. It is manufactured by dissolving silica sand or the solid crystals of the water glass.
Silkem produces large quantities of water glass for own production of zeolites and dried silicates. Due to its specific properties such as alkalinity, water solubility, viscosity and price advantages over other substances, water glass can also be used in other fields.
Drying of water glass and further processing expands its fields of application.
  • Water glass is used in the detergents industry as alkaline buffer, emulsifier, salt deflocculant, corrosion inhibitor, water softener or as a surface-active substance.

  • Water glass is used as a deflocculant in clay suspensions preventing the settling of the suspension, which in turn enables equal layering. In inorganic technology, water glass is used to reduce viscosity of suspensions.

  • Oil industry

    Water glass is used as an emulsifier in oil purification.
  • Cement

    Water glass is used as an additive in acid-proof and firm cements. The improved properties due to the use of water glass are increased heat resistance, higher melting point, greater firmness, water-tightness and corrosion protection.
  • Waste and water processing

    Waste stabilisation with water glass is appropriate for various types of toxic dust (including radioactive dust) and sludge (it solidifies or dries faster), making the waste more appropriate for transport and storage.
  • Fortification and stabilisation of terrain

    Water glass is used to fortify sandy terrain increasing its stability, which is required in the construction of roads, tunnels, channels or dams, while it is also used for stabilising landslides.
  • Binders

    Water glass is used as a binder in the paper, textile, cardboard (packaging), construction (grinding wheels) and other industries.
  • Refractory putties

    The added water glass improves the heat resistance of refractory putties and increases their expansion ability, which in turn means better fixing of construction elements.
  • Refractory panels

    Water glass is used as a binder and fire retardant in non-combustible, light, thermal insulation panels, which are used in trains, planes and boats.
  • Foundry industry

    Water glass is used as a binder and fire retardant in non-combustible, light, thermal insulation panels, which are used in trains, planes and boats.
  • Chemical Industry

    Water glass is used as a source of SiO2 for the synthesis of salts, gels and precipitated silicates. It can further be used as a properties-enhancing agent (TiO2, plastics, paints, varnishes, etc.).
  • Other application fields

    Water glass is used in polishing pastes and wood varnishes, it reduces dustiness of gravel roads, it is used for sealing sewage cracks in concrete pipes, improve extraction of vegetable oils and more.
Type of productNAVS 38NAVSP
SiO2 (%) 25–28 20,0–24,5
Na2O (%) 8–9 10,0–12,5
Solids Content (%) 33–37 30–37
Density (20 °C) (g/cm3) 1,33–1,37 1,34–1,38
Viscosity (20 °C) (mPas) 30–100 15–40
pH (20 °C, 5 % solution)  (%) 11–12 11,5–12,5
Molar Ration (%) 3,0–3,4 1,9–2,2
Characteristics   Viscous liquid, almost colorless, with no visible impurities
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