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Silkem has been actively developing and producing zeolite products for over 25 years. The establishment and the development of the company are ultimately connected to zeolite. Due to the intensive development activities, zeolite production is continually complemented with new products.
Zeolites are synthetic porous aluminosilicate materials. Due to uniform pore distribution they are also known as molecular sieves. For Silkem, zeolite 4A is the most important product from this group. Its special characteristics have caused an ecological revolution, as it has successfully replaced environmentally harmful ingredients in detergents. The company also offers other types of zeolites such as 13X (FAU), Y (FAU), ZSM-5 (MFI), P (GIS).
  • Zeolites in detergents enable the replacement of sodium cations with calcium and magnesium cations from water, thus softening the water and ensuring optimal activity of other components.

  • An important application field of zeolite 4A is the production of thermal stabilisers for PVC, with zeolites acting as neutralisers and HCl adsorbents.

  • Production of brake pads

    Zeolites are used in the production of brake pads as friction modifiers. Zeolites adsorb moisture from the brake pad surface, consequently reducing the noise from the friction between the brake pad and the disc.
  • Water treatment

    As ion exchangers, zeolites are used to remove organic compounds, heavy metal and radioactive substances from water or contaminated soil.
  • Construction

    Construction is another important application field of zeolites. Zeolites are mostly used in the production of various types of concrete. Zeolites are used as a foaming agent in asphalt production, where they reduce the required production temperature and reduce gas emissions.
  • Agriculture

    Zeolites are used in agriculture in the production of fertilisers as a flowability-enhancing agent and for slow and uniform release of active ingredients in the soil. They prevent the washing out of nutrients from the soil and regulate soil humidity.
  • Adsorbents and molecular sieves

    Powdered zeolites are used in the preparation of granule- or pellet-shaped adsorbents, in the production of zeolite-coated pharmaceutical and food packaging and in the production of polymer adsorbents.
  • Other application fields

    Zeolites are used: • as fillers in the manufacturing of paints, coatings and paper, • as odour removal agents in households (e.g. pet litter additive), • as catalysts in acid-catalysed reactions (cracking, isomerisation, alkylation).
Type of ProductZP-4AZP-4A-TSRZP-4A-LDZP-4A-HDZP-4AM 
Na2O % 17 - 19
Al2O3 % 28 - 30  
SiO2 % 31 - 34  
H2O % 18 - 22  
Na2SO4 % 0 1.5 - 2.5  
Anhydrous solids content (1h/800˚C)  % 78 – 82  79 - 85  
Reflectance (R 460) % min. 94
Bulk density g/l 280 – 380  - - 450 - 550  
Tapped density g/l - - max. 500 min. 630 -  
pH (5% Slurry)   11 – 12  10 – 12   
Calcium ion exchange capacity  mg CaO / g anhydrous min. 160  
Static water adsorption * % - - - min. 25 -  
Water adsorption capacity (WAC)** % - - min. 24 - -  
Tenzide absorption g/100g - - - - 45 - 55  
Particle size distribution:    
> 10 microns % max. 10 -  
< 1 micron % max. 10 -  
Average particle size d50 µm 3 – 5  -  
Wet sieve residue (on 45 µm) % 0.2 0.0 0.2 -  
Characteristics   Fine white powder with no visible impurities

*(25˚C, RH=55%, 24h)-climate chamber
**(23˚C +/-2˚C, RH=55%, 24h)-desiccator

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