• Applications


  • Silkem offers a broad range of products for the refractory industry. In addition to numerous types of calcined alumina SALOX® and tabular alumina ALFA TAB®, it also offers sintered spinels SP67, SP78 and SP90. Silkem also manufactures dried silicates under the DRYSIL® brand.

  • Zeolites are used in the production of detergents by spray-drying (zeolite powder) and dry mixing (zeolite compounds) processes. For this production process Silkem offers compact granulates (premixes) and dried silicates DRYSIL® of different bulk densities.

  • An important application field of zeolite 4A is the production of PVC materials. Additionally has Silkem developed a zeolite free of rough particles and impurities, which means that it can be used in the production of PVC stabilisers for products with very smooth surfaces.

  • Special thermal and mechanical treatment of aluminium oxides is used to produce a broad range of special alumina, which is used in the production of ceramics from the fields of glazes, frits and household and technical ceramics.

  • Zeolite activated powders Asorbio® ZAP are used as molecular sieves for moisture removal in the production of polyurethane products (polyurethane sealants, soles, coatings, flooring, etc.), where the presence of water molecules can cause adverse effects.

  • Intensive development work on improving existing and developing new products has resulted in new application fields such as the catalyst industry. For this purpose, Silkem developed special boehmites SIBOM® and zeolite activated granulate Asorbio® ZAG.

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