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NEW! K-Fair - Düsseldorf 2022

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Silkem d.o.o. will present itself at the K-Fair with expanded range of functional materials for use in the polymer products industry. Visit us in hall 8B, booth no. A14.



Considering the intensive expansion of production in the field of molecular sieves, we will present the group of activated molecular sieves in powder form ASORBIO ZAP (3A, 4A, 5A, 13X) as moisture and odor removers. The mentioned materials are used in the production of polyurethanes, foils, paints, coatings, seals, polymer adsorbents and recycled products.



ZP-4A-TSR is our highest quality zeolite-based acid neutralizer used in the production of PVC stabilizers. Our innovative production process allows us to produce zeolite without visible impurities and without particles larger than 45 micrometers.



In addition to the standard boehmite SIBOM-P84 for use in the catalytic converter industry, this year we are also introducing a group of ground boehmites in powder and in suspension form. They are used in the field of flame retardants and as insulators in the battery material industry. The Boehmite group of products are available in standard as well as in VLS purity (very low sodium; Na2O < 0,05 %).


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