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New Zeolite type - ZP-HAB60

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[June 2020] Recently we developed a new zeolite under the commercial name "ZP-HAB60" with structural type of gismondin (GIS). Thus, zeolite ZP-HAB60 with increased surfactant absorption (LCC> 60 ml / 100g) was added to zeolite ZP-4AM with higher surfactant absorption (LCC> 50 ml / 100g).

The main application of zeolite ZP-HAB60 is use in modern detergents as a liquid components carrier. Its advantages  over classical zeolite 4A, are faster and more selective calcium ions exchange at low temperatures. ZP-HAB60 increases the stability of sensitive and expensive bleaches and due to higher surfactant absorptions, enables greater application of surfactants.

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