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Low Alkaline Boehmite

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[February 2020] Due to increasing enquiry for boehmite materials with more demanding parameters, Silkem is paying more attention to further R&D activities of this material. In the previous years, a large part of the development was devoted to the production of low alkaline boehmites; moreover, great results were obtained in the field of the production of the extremely pure, micronized crystalline material.



In 2019, we were able to synthesize low alkaline boehmite with its typical alkaline impurity values between 0.02 and 0.035% (Na2O) using an innovative process. This yielded great results; moreover, it contributed to the expansion of the range of our boehmit products. Low alkaline boehmit with high purity, high whiteness and small particle size is used in the lithium-ion batteries, ceramics, automotive paint and oil industry.

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