High quality products are results of self-developed effective technological processes. Environmental protection standards and demands of high effective energy use are met during production.

Zeolites are synthetic porous aluminosilicate materials. Due to the uniform distribution of pores, they are also known as molecular sieves. Silkem’s most important product in this programme is zeolite 4A.

SALOX® calcined alumina are aluminium oxides that differ in terms of chemical composition, α-Al2O3 content, the size of primary crystals, specific surface, particle distribution and other physical properties.

ALFA TAB® tabular alumina is alumina obtained with the sintering of calcined alumina. Sintering results in a unified crystal structure, low porosity and high density of the product.

Activated zeolites are molecular sieves, which Silkem manufactures and sells under the ASORBIO® brand. They encompass several types of Asorbio® ZAP zeolite activated powder and ASORBIO® ZAG zeolite activated granulate.

The production programme of granulates comprises zeolite compounds and premixes, which are used in the production of detergents, and DRYSIL dried silicates of various molar ratios, bulk densities and shapes (powder, granules).

SP67, SP78 and SP90 sintered spinels are alumina and magnesia composites, which enhance thermal shock and corrosion resistance of magnesite and alumina refractory products.

Sodium water glass in liquid form is a silicate material, which is dissolved in alkaline sodium solutions. It has the same characteristics as glass, but at the same time, due to its high alkalinity, it is soluble in water and can be mixed in all ratios.

SIBOM® boehmites are fully crystalline aluminium oxide hydroxides with low impurity content. The small particle size and the unique structure of oxide hydroxide make boehmites appropriate for use in various industries.

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