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Intensive development work on improving existing and developing new products has resulted in new application fields such as the catalyst industry. For this purpose, Silkem developed special boehmites SIBOM® and zeolite activated granulate Asorbio® ZAG.

SIBOM® boehmites are used as catalyst carriers in fluid catalytic cracking (FCC). Microcrystalline boehmites improve the attrition resistance of catalysts and are an appropriate metal neutraliser (neutralisation of nickel impurities). Catalysts are prepared by peptization of a mixture of zeolites, boehmites and rare soil types. Boehmite can be a facilitator or a carrier of chemical processes.

Zeolite activated granulates Asorbio® ZAG (e.g. Asorbio® ZAG-MFI) are used as catalysts in the chemical industry in various organic and inorganic reactions or as carriers of active components in catalytic reactions. The most important application field is oil refining, as these catalysts allow greater yields and higher-quality products.

Product groupApplicationEffect
BoehmitesCatalyst carriersImproved attrition resistance of catalysts - Reaction facilitator - Reaction regulator
ASORBIO® ZAGFCC - Selective isomerisation - Alkylation of hydrocarbons - Catalysis of oxidation reactionReaction facilitator - Reaction regulator - Carrier of other active substances
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