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Zeolite activated powders Asorbio® ZAP are used as molecular sieves for moisture removal in the production of polyurethane products (polyurethane sealants, soles, coatings, flooring, etc.), where the presence of water molecules can cause adverse effects.

Polyurethanes are made from a chemical reaction between isocyanates and polyols. When there are water molecules in the system, they react with isocyanates and lead to the formation of a polyamide and gaseous CO2. The carbon dioxide remains trapped in the polyurethane in the form of small bubbles, which have a negative effect on the mechanical and visual properties of the final product.

Zeolite activated powders Asorbio® ZAP can be easily dispersed in any formula and remove water molecules from the input raw materials and from already formulated systems (1K- and 2K- polyurethane systems). Asorbio® ZAP products differ with regard to the size of the pores and have been specifically developed for the production of polyurethane products.

Product groupApplicationEffect
ASORBIO® ZAPPolyurethane productionMoisture removal - Regulating solidification time
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